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Unblocking Writer’s Block

It isn’t that easy. Trust me. I’ve had writer’s block for almost a year? I honestly can’t remember the last time I was able to just sit down and write.

Life tends to throw curve balls and lately, it’s been throwing quite of few in my direction. So if I do eventually break the block, I’ll be sure to let you know how I did it. For now, I’m writing as time permits. It might be a sentence or two, maybe if I’m lucky, a paragraph. The point is, I’m trying to just write. I equate it to an athlete with an injury. He wouldn’t stop everything because of the injury. He’d learn to exercise or continue on, while at the same time allowing that injury to heal until finally, he felt strong enough, well enough, to start in again.

As an author, my love for writing has been hindered by this block. There’s this great urgency to write while at the same time a frustration that I simply can’t.

Daily prompts help. Key words or little ideas to spark something, even if it’s just a silly post of rambling-it’s helpful. Reading books, graphic novels, or listening to audiobooks-sometimes pandorainspiration can come from a word. Music-this is a big part of my life. Rarely in a day will I not listen to music. Lately, my favorite has been a Pandora radio station that I created based on the composer Bear McCreary. If you’re curious and want to have a listen, Click here.


What does all this mean? Why the urgency to write at all? Because when I do get into it, into that flow, it’s a blast. So here’s hoping that I break the block in time for NaNoWriMo. If you plan to participate in the November writing event, check out the original website. Specifically, they will be holding webinars to help prep for the month of November. Click on the logo below to check out the calendar of events leading up to November.




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