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Fake McFakey Pants (my pet peeve thoughts)

I’d love to say “nothing bothers me more than…” but let’s face it: That isn’t necessarily true. There are lots of things that bother me.

What I will say is that it insincerity *does* bother me. A lot. The word of the day, a few days ago, was “artificial“. While I could have written about how my favorite character was an artificial human, aka an android, growing up…nah. That’s really nothing new.

I don’t care for artificial sweetener. Carb chips, the artificial chocolate of the world, just…no.

But what really, really bothers me is when someone is artificial…fake…insincere. I’m a rather blunt individual. I’ve admitted that in the past. I say it like it is. I don’t like beating around the bush. Because of this, I prefer the same be done to me.

It’s frustrated when people aren’t upfront and honest, but instead string you along, giving the false impression that they’re your friend. I’d grown tired of this last year. Knowing I’d need to keep my Facebook account for this blog, I chose to completely clear out my friends list. It may have offended some. By those “some” I mean the ones that weren’t truly my friends. That only pretended to like me. My real friends still chat with me through messenger…giving me a hard time about how we weren’t officially “friends”.

They still care about how I’m doing. They make attempts to actually see me. Or to contact me through text, messenger or email.

When the relationship is one-sided-I hate that.

When a friendship ends up being only me asking “how are you” or “sending you a note to say hi”, but yet there’s only answers in return and no “how are you?” or “good to hear from you”, it irritates me. It makes me feel used.

I had several friends in Elementary and High School. Friends I met online through forums or groups. I grew up with a few and met others along the way. Years later, those friends have lost contact. Why? Because I stopped contacting them. If I would have continued, we’d still be “in contact”, but really it would be my emails to them, my messages to them. It’s sad.

I want to remain in contact. I want to know how they are doing. I do care. When do they care about me? When they need something. I have no problem helping a friend out. I don’t expect anything in return except friendship. But for some, that seems to much to ask.

So if you’re one of those that I’ve lost contact with, the ball is in your court. Feel free to lob an email or text back at me or just let it drop. I’m cool either way.



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