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Flames: The Caveman Way (or BSA style)

This post isn’t about old flames. I don’t have any. All my crushes were on-screen and, sadly, most of them have passed away. I wouldn’t really call them an old flame. Just a kid crush. Yes, I was a weird unique kid.

This post is about making flames! Fire, that is.

When taking my kids on a camping trip, I make it a goal to help my son work on some of his Cub Scout requirements. Because he joined so late, he’s fallen behind. But with camping and a few webelosother planned family outings, we should be able to catch up. Can you believe there’s homework in the Boy Scouts?!

At any rate, one of the things he has to do is plan, budget, shop for and cook a meal at the campsite.

Yeah, yeah…I helped a bit with that, but it’s just because I don’t want the rest of the family to starve!

(I tend to exaggerate, if you haven’t figured that out already.) At any rate, that risk of starvation is still high because yet another requirement is that he attempt to start a fire without using matches. And no, Tammy, that doesn’t mean he can use a lighter instead. It means sticks or stones. Which means….we may not have a cooked meal at all and it’ll end up being bread and water for dinner.

So what did I do?

Yep, I Googled it. “How to start a fire without matches”. One of those articles was at a website called Art of Manliness. LOL. (Side note: I initially read their article as “FICTION” based fire. Look, I want to make it without matches. Not test how they do it in movies for accuracy.)

I apologize if my amusement is offensive. loltom-hanks-cast-away-survivor

On to FRICTION based fire!

I think if we actually succeed, we’ll be as thrilled as Tom Hanks in Castaway. I HAVE MADE FIRE!!

If we don’t? I’m totally getting the matches out. It said “tried” or “attempted”!!

At any rate, I’ll post an update on how he does and how the dinner turns out. It’s our first time for cooking lasagna in a dutch oven and blackberry cobbler in a dutch oven. This will be interesting…




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