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The Art Of The Iron Giant


The Art of the Iron Giant


Let me start by saying that The Iron Giant movie holds a special place with my family. So I was delighted to find a book on the art of the movie. Not only that, but it tells the story of how the movie came to be. It also gives a little insight into the animation itself. I knew it was hand-drawn animation, but wasn’t aware that the Iron Giant himself was actually computer animated. This brilliant team figured out a way to make him look like hand drawn animation to match and fit seamlessly with the rest of the movie.

I’d always wondered about the influences of the story and wasn’t disappointed when reading the inspirations behind it all. I don’t want to give too much away. I’ll just say that the layout, the story, everything was well thought out and a nice tribute to an excellent film. If you’re a fan of The Iron Giant, or just animation in general, you’ll enjoy this read as well as the beautiful artwork, sketches and concept designs. All in all its a great book to gift for Christmas, Birthdays or any time of the year.


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