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The Panini Generation

Yesterday, I’d mentioned about a situation that left me unnerved and upset.

Today, it’s only fitting to find the word “calm” as the daily prompt. Especially right before Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year’s Eve/Day. The fall is always hectic. Once November arrives, it almost feels like a mad dash to survive the rest of the year before the oncoming new year. What’s tough is my generation is now moving into the “sandwich” generation. Or as my friend and I like to call it, the panini generation (did I spell that right). We’re fried on both sides, caring for our parents and caring for our kids, that there’s very little of us in between. We’re barely hanging on. Mental breakdown here we come! But we don’t have time for that! We can’t afford that! Too many depend on us.

I had told myself to keep it simple this year. I don’t have to do everything. Right?
-If my oven hadn’t quit, I think I would be rushing to bake cookies for school, church and family.
-If my dad hadn’t gone in for surgery, I would have set up time to take the family to see Christmas lights, gone to the zoo to see their lights and more.

So this year, the holiday season feels different. Don’t get me wrong. There are still moments when the storm hits and I’m rushing about to get things together, the family ready and all of us out the door. In fact, that happened on Monday. We were heading out for a holiday cruise around Newport harbor. It wasn’t anything fancy. I’m not that type. We’re not talking a yacht. Nope. We were on a fishing boat, the kind that is used for whale watching. The kind that smells of dead, stinky fish.

When we finally made it to the dock, I felt like I could let out the breath I’d been holding. And when we were on the boat, I’d never been more relaxed (without the aid of Xanax. Ha!). With friends and family, it was a wonderful experience and probably the most calm I’d felt this December.

When I stress, it affects others. So how can I keep that calm about me? I’m determined to fight for it. Is that an oxymoron? With the weather changing to my favorite (rainy and gloomy), what better way to spend it than curled up with a good book and a cup of hot tea?

My to read list includes:

Hello My Name is by Matthew West (to be released in April 2017)

From Atheism To Christianity: The Story of C.S. Lewis by Joel Heck (to be released in January 2017)
What’s in your wallet? err…reading list?  🙂

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