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Airship Genesis

bibleDavid Jeremiah Kids Study Bible


David Jeremiah study Bibles are filled with notes and sidebars, little bits of information to help us along in our reading to provide context, history or any other additional information that we might not otherwise have immediately available. Any reader is welcome to explore those sections and research them separately if desired.

shipNow, David Jeremiah has a new study Bible, this time for kids. Airship Genesis legendary bible adventure is geared towards kids ages 6-10, though I’d say maybe more like 8-12. It really is nice to have a good study Bible for kids to explore and learn, rather than for them to just blindly accept the word of their Pastor or teacher. We want them to study, to dive deep and explore the Word for themselves. This Bible really encourages that. Every few pages, there’s a little box, an aside, that offers additional information on what is in the Word. It might be about the people, the places or the history. Sometimes, those side boxes apply to present day problems, such as bullying, temptation, etc.

20161223_075037 The illustrations are nice and appropriate for each section. It’s not stellar artwork, but welcoming to kids in this age range. Honestly, I think it’s a nice to see some pictures related to the story.

Bible heroes is a common theme/box found in this study Bible. Each focuses on a particular person currently in the reading.20161223_075309 The section highlights the individual’s name, what scripture it’s referring to and a bit about that hero along with what lesson we can take from learning about them.

One of my favorite parts is when the box includes a map or location of the reading. Too often, as a child, I’d 20161223_075332have a difficult time with the story simply because I didn’t know where it was taking place. There are some maps here and there in this study Bible. My only complaint is that I personally would have liked more. Still, I’m happy this was part of it.

Each book of the Bible contains a front or title page and a little bit about it. Staying within20161223_075344 the theme of Airship Genesis, it contains a “mission overview” which throws out some common questions , what the book will cover and the point of it. This snapshot is of the beginning of the New Testament, right before the start of Matthew.

Another nice feature within is the box that 20161223_075233contains a word and then defines it. Not every word is given a definition. Just specific ones here and there. This is a picture of “gospel”, but another one might be “righteousness”.

Finally, every so often, the reader will run into a section that helps to apply the reading to everyday life. 20161223_075119

Overall, I think this is a great study Bible for kids. It’s colorful, engaging and applicable to today’s problems and situations. On top of having this to read, there’s also a website available with audio recordings featuring the characters from Airship Genesis.

The website,, currently has an audio specific for Christmas along with downloadable activity sheets. There’s actually a few audio to explore and more to come.

The David Jeremiah Kids Study Bible is available for purchase at Amazon in Kindle format and in hardcover. I personally like having the hardcover. This is normally $30, but is on sale at Amazon (as of December 23rd) for $20. I think this will be a great gift for the kids in my Sunday school class.

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