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So THAT’s Why The Earth Is Populated ;)

At a meeting I’d attended, the leader had spoken on will power and our plans for the holiday season. Making good choices can be made easier provided the environment we live in is supportive. But what if temptation is just around the corner, hidden within the pantry or in a special place on the shelf of the refrigerator?

According to her, as humans we are hardwired to say “no” only so long before we give in. That’s why the Earth is populated. lol

In some cases, I could see that being true. I think it really depends on where we are at as individuals. I love chocolate. LOVE it. But last year, when I was in terrible pain with every bit of food I took in, I found it easier to say “no”. Pain was my motivator, or rather avoiding that pain. And the only way I could avoid it was to avoid food all together. My intake went down to one cup of egg drop soup and tea each night. I didn’t even want that really. The rest of the day consisted only of water.

My friend is currently on the Whole 30 program. I’m so impressed with her willpower, because now that my pain is gone…my willpower is weak. Where she can keep to her diet, as grumpy as she may be at the beginning, I’ll be grumpy about it and then give in. Her ability to say “no”, even at work, is impressive.

So what’s my option, then? Eh, I’m still working on it.

How do you manage being tempted?



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