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The Halfwit Horticulturist: Weeds

I just realized that, thanks to the passing of certain laws, I can no longer simply search “green leafed weeds” or “typical California weeds”.


All I wanted to know was what that big unruly plant was growing in my backyard. I’m pretty sure it’s a weed fighting to be a tree, but now I’ll never know.

On the plus side, my daughter picked off one of the leaves and left it on my desk. She told me, while I was gardening, that she’d left me a flower she’d found on the ground that would give me luck.

At that time, I thought, “Huh?”

But when I got to my desk, I realized what she’d meant.

Here’s the “good luck” flower she left for me:



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This entry was posted on January 31, 2017 by in Daily Ramblings, Halfwit Horticulturist.
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