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It’s a-MAZE-ing

Yeah, yeah…the title’s a bit of a stretch. I still haven’t consumed my required amount of coffee to be clever.

So the word of the day is “maze“. To quote my friend, “Mazes aren’t crazy. They are well thought out to drive others mad.” Well, I wasn’t that deep. The first thing I thought of was corn. lol No, not maize…though that does enter my non-sequitur thoughts as I dwell on the daily prompt. Actually, I was reminded of an activity I’d done with the kids back in September.

We took a drive out to Los Rios Rancho, where we did some apple picking. There was lots to do there and, of course, good food. I can honestly say it was a fun experience with the kids. It gave them a chance to hand-pick the apples they wanted directly from the tree. What?! They grow on trees and not on tables in the grocery store?? Crazy.

After we’d picked three bags full, we took a detour. I mean…when there’s a corn maze, you HAVE to go in it. Right? Is it just me?

Corn mazes are fun. You can’t see above the corn to cheat. You can look through it, but if it’s thick, you won’t have much luck. Such was the experience for my kids. This was the first true corn maze they’d gone through. Sure, we’d been through some before, but the corn wasn’t high enough or the maze wasn’t really complicated. This one? It took a while to get through. Plus, they had to do MATH to get the codes to unlock gates and get out. Hahahaha. I laugh because my kids hate math.


Back in “town”, we brought our apples to the cider press. A what? Yeah, us city folks don’t have much experience with such things.

Gathering our apples, we washed them first.

Then into the cider press. First chopping the apples into little pieces. Followed by muscle strength to twist and turn it down…uh, pressing it.

After the delicious apple juice is capture in the container, we pour it into a glass jug.

The pressed apple bits are toss into a bin to use for the pigs or in compost. Nothing goes to waste.

It was a fun day that ended with a little BBQ and some apple pie. Los Rios Rancho also hosts a Currier and Ives Christmas event that sounds like a lot of fun. One of these days…


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