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Writing, writing, writing…ok, I’m hungry now…

The non sequitur that is my life.

I recall a wild time in my life, one I haven’t thought of since…

It was raining.

No….no wait.

Now I remember.

It was my Saint Bernard, drooling. And it was really windy that day, too.

We’d taken a nice hike, winding our way up to the sky. Our muscles aching and our lungs burning (yes, even the dog’s), we moved to the side to let a fit marathon runner pass us.

Fine, Fine. Okay, let’s be honest. It was an 80-year-old woman, a few girl scouts and their troop leader.

I could really go for an In-N-Out cheeseburger and fries right about now. Writing is so stressful…Take a breath. Walk around. Clean up a little. Make a list of things to do, that I won’t actually get around to. Now back to my computer.

::takes deep breath:: Let’s try this again…

The weather had turned unexpectedly, from a sunny day to dark and stormy. I picked up my pace, hoping to reach higher ground in case of a flash food. They were common in the area. A drop hit my cheek, another on my arm. I scanned the horizon to find what looked like a heavy vertical cloud in the distance. But it wasn’t a cloud. It was rain and a lot of it.

Despite this, the rain, the flood, those were the least of my worries. All during my hike, I’d felt a presence. Something followed me, skulking in the shadows. With a glimpse over my shoulder, I found nothing but the empty trail I’d forged a few minutes earlier. Was my imagination getting the better of me? I felt foolish at the thought of worrying over nothing, yet my gut told me a different story.

Thunder rumbled over the desert, heading my way. Better move faster. That’s when I heard it, I swear I did. A low, guttural sound. But it was cut off by the opening of the sky and sudden downpour of rain. I spun around, my eyes searching every rock, every crevice. Nothing.

Resuming my hike, my steps quickened as the rain increased. I could see the water rising down below. I hadn’t passed the water mark I’d noticed on the large boulder. Panic raced my heart, pumping adrenaline through my veins. It was just the burst of energy I needed to get to the top. No trees nearby, the only shelter I could find was the bend in the top of the boulder. Hollowed out from the winds, it made a partial cave.

As lightning struck a mile away, it lit up the sky. Something out of the corner of my eye moved. I flinched. Nothing was there. The sigh of relief caught in my throat at the sound of a low growl, so deep it vibrated inside my skull. As it sensed it drawing near, saliva dripped down my arm. I fought the dry heave that threatened to shake my body. If I moved, I was sure I’d be dead.

And then….and then…

Egads. I’m on the precipice of a great story, but the growl of my empty stomach says otherwise. I’m tired, hungry and have a headache. Meanwhile, the friend I’m chatting with is telling me it’s good. I fear she’s the guy behind, ready to give me a push in the right direction…off of my…uh, precipice. lol

Thanks for the inspiration friend. 😉


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2 comments on “Writing, writing, writing…ok, I’m hungry now…

  1. ichabod2014ic
    May 17, 2017

    Umm, are you okay, Ma’am?


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