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Uninvited: Week 1 – Don’t Stress It!

If you’re joining us in the Uninvited Bible study this week, but are feeling overwhelmed: Stop!

This study is made with all of us in mind. Who isn’t busy these days? Who likes to read a LOT? Who doesn’t have the time to read? Regardless of where we’re at there’s something for each of us. If you are just tuning in and have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m hosting a bible study for the next several weeks. And while I can’t share some of the content, due to copyright, you’re more than welcome to follow my blog posts regarding the weekly readings and, of course, you can purchase a copy of the Uninvited book and videos online to read and watch along.

What drew me to this reading was the idea of rejection. We’ve all been there. Those that haven’t, will. It’s inevitable and unavoidable. While I wish I could say rejection affects me like water off a ducks back, I can’t. Depending on the situation and if I’ve already beaten myself up over it internally, it can hit me hard.

Basically, what I’m saying is for those that are stressing over the amount of work and time involved, don’t stress! This study is to help all of us. So I’ll break down the amount of reading that we’ll cover each week or every other week.

Week 0 – Introduction to the study (starts June 5th)

Week 1 – chapters 1-3

Week 2 – chapters 4 & 5

Week 3 – chapters 6-8

Week 4 – chapters 9-11

Week 5 – chapters 12-14

Week 6 – chapters 15-16 and the bonus chapter

Every week, we’ll post thoughts and insights into what we’ve read, personal stories on rejection, as well as inspirational verses, quotes and videos.

Short on time?

  • Read the chapters and weekly verse.
  • Feel free to say “Hi” in the comments section or on Facebook.

Want more?

  • Read the blog posts
  • Share your thoughts on what you gain from the reading.
  • Did this week’s reading remind you of a time of rejection?

Whatever you can do and whatever time you can give, do it for you, not us. Curious? Try the first three chapters.


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