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Bumble like a…bee?

To bee or not to bee.

When I think of the word “bumble“, I think of a klutz (or clutz, not sure of the proper spelling). I think of someone who stumbles about, more from being awkward than intoxicated.

With that in mind, my question is: why do they call them “bumblebees”? In my experience, a bee is anything but clumsy.

During the summer I had to clean out my parents’ shed (as a teen). Most of it was done, except for a bag of old newspapers leaning against the back wall. They’d been held until recycling day. Might as well pull them out and put them with the cans and bottles to take over the weekend. Alas, I discovered a little too late that a bee colony had taken up residence in the back of the shed. Oddly enough, they were using the space between the newspapers and the wall to support their hive. By removing one of their support structures (i.e. the newspaper), I disturbed the nest.

And in that moment, my eyes witness what the phrase “bee line” truly meant. One solitary bee rose from the honeycomb like a helicopter and turned in my direction. I spun a 180, pushing off the ground like the start of a sprint. Sadly, I was not as fast on land as the bee was in air. He managed to hit me on the thigh. Ouch…really, OUCH.

So bumbling? No. Then again, it was a honey bee and not a bumblebee. But honestly, I think that name should be reserved for the Japanese Beetle or the June bug…more like Bumblebeetle or Bumblebug. Have you see how they fly? Talk about clumsy.

With all of that rambling, I’d forgotten to mention that apparently “bumble” might also mean the sound of buzzing. So I guess that’s the explanation for “Bumblebee” to make a long story, uh, longer. 🙂


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