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Halfwit Horticulturist: “Till” The Soil Improves

‘Just think…our pies feed the soil,the soil feeds the grass,the grass feeds us…’

I’d say, “Lately, my plants have been struggling”, but that’s not a recent thing. I’m a professed “brown thumb”. I’m honestly surprised that most of the plants I have are still alive. In fact, the plumerias have surprised me the most. Some of them have grown too big, requiring me to cut them back. I toss the cuttings on the grass or cement, planning to give them to whomever would like one. But then I forget. And they sit there, for weeks, even months at a time.

They should shrivel up and died, right? Not these. Instead, with my lack of care, they’ve thrived with leaves and flowers. So that’s the key? I need to stop trying? lol

At any rate, I’m currently struggling to maintain lavender plants. Seriously? Lavender is supposed to be a good, drought resistant plant, yet I’ve managed to find a way to make it suffer. Well, some of them suffer. out of the five I have, three are thriving. The other two aren’t doing so well. I’ve checked the water, I’ve made sure the plant isn’t crowded and suffocating from rock or mulch. So what’s left?

Is it the soil? Now for the research online. From what I could find, lavender do best with deep, but infrequent watering. So…I guess I’m back out to check on the watering schedule and wait to see. After that, I’ll have to check the soil. Maybe take it to have it tested. Is it took alkaline? To acidic? Perhaps my dirt is too….dirty. 🙂

If that doesn’t work, what then? I’m at a loss.



2 comments on “Halfwit Horticulturist: “Till” The Soil Improves

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