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Glee Over Fandom Tea

To tea or not to tea. I love it when two or more of my favorite things are put together. Here are two places that combine both the drink that I enjoy (as long as it’s hot and British) and the fandom I’ve been part of.






Geeky teas, in Burbank, California, is a place for geeks to gather, as well as Londoners and tea lovers. They also support the no-kill movement in Los Angeles through “GeeKitties Cat Rescue“.

Teas they offer include:

Absinthe Tea

Agent Coulson’s B.L.E.N.D.

Bad Wolf Tea

Big Bang Teaory “It’s my tea”

Boomstick Tea

Bulbasaur Leaf Tea

Deadpoolong Tea

Chalmun’s CanTEAna (it’s a Star Wars thing)

Dowager Tea

Earl Grey, Hot

Endergent Tea

Groot Root Tea

Sherl Grey Tea


Walking Dead Bonfire Orange Tea

Weasley Tea

And so much more!! I think this place would be fun to visit. If it were closer, definitely a great place to hang out with my friends.

Adagio Teas offers fun teas for a variety of fandom.


But of course there’s a range of teas for Sherlock. Seriously. Who doesn’t like something hot and British? I kid. But mostly I don’t. 😉

Sherlock Blend is lapsang souchong, assam melody and oriental spice.

Mycroft? A hilarious blend of chocolate chip, rooibos vanilla chai and cream. What…no cake?

Dragon Age Fans? Yep!

Take a sip of Alistair (Earl Grey) tea, a sweet, romantic and playful blend that “will sweep you off your feat and cry and cry and cry”. with hints of

almond and summer rose.

Or perhaps Solas is more to your liking? Lapsang souchong, Irish breakfast and masala chai.

[From Adagio’s website] “How to brew: Boil a hefty mug of water. Just. Throw away the tea. Tea is terrible. Put an egg in boiling water for 12 minutes. Carefully peel cooked egg. You now have a tasty treat. (For real though, for a tasty treat, hard boil an egg, gently roll the egg on a hard surface so that you crack the shell but it stays intact on the egg. Steep a couple of tablespoons of this tea until super strong. Add a splash of soy sauce if you’d like. Place your gently cracked hardboiled egg in the tea and let it steep for a few hours, or overnight in the fridge. Peel and eat your beautiful marbled tea egg!)”

Other fandom include:

Doctor Who (sadly, no 12…Booooooooo!)

Avatar: Last Airbender




And a TON more.


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