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This morning, I searched “glaring actors” in the hopes of finding some good examples of actors who often glare. Heh, apparently Google was thinking something more along the lines of a “dazzling” actor and not literally a glaring one. *sigh* Shifting through a few dozen photos, I realized I’d have to specifically search the actors I’ve come to recognize with that look. Glare can simply be an intense look, but here are three actors whose characters have held more than just a fierce stare.

The top one for me is Peter Capaldi. I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but as Malcolm Tucker, no one can pull off a better glare:

The crossest men in Scotland: Malcolm Tucker and Jamie McDonald.

The second actor that came to mind was Karl Urban. It took me a while to finally learn and remember his name. For the longest time, I simply referred to him as “the angry dude”. In hindsight, it doesn’t look that angry in Lord of the Rings.

The last I’ll mention here is an actor we’d seen in the series, The Fall, with Gillian Anderson. The show was “meh”, but he played a creep really, really well.

There are countless actors that can pull off a glare, but often have so many other expressions that I don’t end up labeling them as “angry dudes”. However, the three above did so well on glaring and scowling for their parts that I ended up remembering them for that alone. I can relate to the anger issues, the flare ups, because I personally struggle with that as well. Perhaps I’m a little bit Scottish after all?

At any rate, when I am concentrating on a task, whether it’s chores, writing or work, my expression holds a glare/scowl. In fact, I warned my husband about it, so he’d know in future. And though for Malcolm Tucker it is that he’s mad all of the time (or just about), I at least recognize that Urban simply has that same look as I do: the resting (ahem) angry face. lol


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