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1,100 Pound Unfurling

The word unfurl calls to mind images of flags, or specifically, my country’s flag nicknamed “Old Glory”.

In the video below, as is tradition, Angels Stadium opening day includes the unfurling of a huge version of that same flag. Typically volunteers, in this video it’s active military men and women who unfurl the flag for opening day. This 1,100 pound flag (what?!) needs around 300 individuals to unfold the 150 × 300-foot American flag over the outfield. And each person strains every muscle and pushes to the limits in an effort to keep the flag from touching the ground…though that isn’t always possible. There is some leeway, as this is seen more as a symbol of our flag and not viewed as an actual flag, so the rules aren’t as strict (see flag etiquette). You can see some leaning back in their effort to keep the flag taut and when they fold it back up, they do their best to gather it up into their arms.

While some would prefer to disrespect the flag of the United States of America (and in turn those that it represents), these volunteers feel honored to participate in the holding of their country’s flag. They don’t get paid. They don’t receive free tickets, parking or free food. Personally, I think it would be an amazing opportunity, not only to be on the field, but also to participate in one of the highest forms of respect for our country, and, in my opinion, a nod towards those that have made personal sacrifices to keep this country safe.


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