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I’m Praying He’s Still Preying

Small, but mighty

Picture of our resident mantis. He’s welcome in my garden anytime…provided he earns his keep.

I stay as far away from creepy, crawlies in my garden. I leave them alone, they leave me alone. Especially spiders. Lately, my orange tree has been under attack by the leafminer. Boo! I have to wait for five years to see if my fruit tree is truly ruined or not, but I suspect it is. The oranges produced this year were “messed up”. That is to say, they wouldn’t turn orange like they should when ripe and some of the shapes were mutated, not the perfectly round. When your orange looks like a butt (sorry, but one of them did), then it could be the tree is infected with the bacteria from this stupid bugs.

Anyway…that’s not the point of this post, that something so small can make a mighty big mess out of my tree. Boo again, I say!

I’ve tried to be diligent about removing the infected leaves, spraying neem oil (organic) to ward off these bugs and hopefully encourage friendly pest to move into the neighborhood. While I was making my usual clippings, I noticed what looked like a curled up dead leaf. I reached out to remove it only to realize I’d grabbed a mantis by the leg. Eww. Okay, I didn’t freak out as much as if it were a spider. The whole city would have heard that one. Instead, I found myself apologizing to the bug. *sigh*  Sometimes I wonder about my mental state…

Here’s hoping he’s still preying in my backyard.


4 comments on “I’m Praying He’s Still Preying

  1. cagedunn
    September 21, 2017

    the mantis will eat the other bugs at least, so he’s a good guy – I like ’em!

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    • Elizabeth Los
      September 22, 2017

      I assume that’s why I apologized to him. Subconsciously I knew he was there to help. lol Poor little guy must have gotten quite a shock.

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      • cagedunn
        September 22, 2017

        I think they’d take us on – they never look away when confronted and stand there with the dukes up – almost like ‘bring it on, punk’ attitude. That’s why I like ’em (and they eat the caterpillars and crickets and other things that eat my vege patch).

        Liked by 1 person

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