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A Tame Egg

Tame: To make less powerful and easier to control


We must never presume that humanity will be without violence; after all, a wild goose never laid a tame egg. (example found on Free Dictionary)

This idiom reminds me that we are all inherently sinful and imperfect. And one of many things that I need to constantly tame is my tongue. Too often it gets me into trouble. Before I can turn my filter on, the words are out of my mouth. Words without thought. Words dripping with malice. Oh, I regret those words later…sometimes immediately after I’ve said them. But there’s no going back. They’ve been said. No delete button is available. The Internet is much like the tongue. I see posts on Twitter full of cruel and hateful words. And I wonder, do they regret it or forget it and move on? It doesn’t appear so. And it never ends. One spiteful reply to a post and back again. Who will be the better person and end it?

I have no place to tell anyone “you shouldn’t say that or do that” because I have enough on my own! It’s plenty of work to keep myself out of trouble and I’m not always successful. I encourage everyone to read chapter 3 book of James. I have a feeling that when my English teacher had encouraged us to memorize it for a $15 reward, it was a Higher Power that had every intention of burning this into my brain and my heart knowing the trouble I’d have down the road.

What do you have trouble taming? Your hair? Your cat?(ha) A lion might be easier than a house cat. Or a shrew maybe?

3 comments on “A Tame Egg

  1. kaitmoller
    October 10, 2017

    I have trouble taming my thoughts. I want to live in the present so badly, but yet I am never there. My mind is always wandering to the past or the future…. I’m missing every moment that I’m in.

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    • Elizabeth Los
      October 10, 2017

      We have the same problems…constantly thinking of what had happened and the constant worry of the future, the “what ifs”. It can be crippling. It’s so hard to get our minds to settle. In prayer, I find my mind constantly wandering and I have to bring it back to focus.

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      • kaitmoller
        October 10, 2017

        The “what ifs” are the worst! I hope we both can find peace, concentration, and learn to focus on the present.

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