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Never Tell A Woman To Simmer Down

Simmer – stay just below the boiling point while being heated.

Just a little bit of random advice for anyone out there: Never tell a woman to simmer (or calm) down. It’ll only fans the flame and turns her crosshairs on you.

Right now, I’m at a simmer, but if much more is piled on me, it may push to boiling point. My brother and I have been trying to plan a surprise birthday party for our mother. You see, my mom decided to have a family dinner on the same day we are holding the surprise party. Not a huge deal.

Unfortunately, my mom is an A-type personality, that is, someone who feels the need to control everythingThe problem is, she wants to control the food. So she has this long list for the menu and in the last week, was going to take care of it all. She’d cook, she’d buy what was needed in the store. Ok…again, not a big deal.

What makes me simmer…what I can’t stand is the in between, because it leaves a lot of “unknowns”. And where there are unknowns, something inevitably will fall through the cracks, having been forgotten. That’s my fear and that is why I’m at a simmer. Because now, I’m cooking, I’m picking up stuff from the store. And I have two days to do it. Except that I’m not picking up everything…just some of it. But which part? I have no idea.


(Deep Breath) One of the food items I’ll be making is probably the easiest thing I’ve ever made. So there’s a positive to this story. Here’s the recipe, if you’d care to give it a try!

4-6 lb.      Pork Butt or Pork Shoulder (when using the crock pot, the shoulder can be cumbersome due to the joint. If you can get boneless, or the Pork Butt, it’ll be easier)

1 1/2 tsp   Hawaiian Sea Salt (I’ve run out, so I have settled for table salt)

1 tbsp        Liquid Smoke (can be found in most grocery stores)

Pierce the meat, then rub it with the salt. Some recipes recommend rubbing the liquid smoke on the meat as well. If I’m in a hurry, I just drop it in the slow cooker. When placing the meat in the slow cooker, be sure to place it fat side down, meaning the fat sits at the bottom. For obvious reasons, this allows the fat to melt and, as disgusting as that sounds, it is what adds the most flavor to the meat. Cook it for 16 to 20 hours. I’ve started it off on High for the first hour and then turned it to Low for the remaining time. It always turns out great.

How can you tell it’s done?

The meat is already falling off into bite-sized strips or chunks. Use forks to pull apart the rest.

Note: If you don’t want Hawaiian, then add BBQ sauce. What I offer to my family is the option. If they want Kalua Pork, they can scoop out the meat and juices onto a bed a rice. If they’d prefer BBQ, they can slap it on a bun and smother it with BBQ sauce.

Ultimate result? Everyone is happy and full.


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