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DEE-Nice? How About Ay-Ay-Ron? Is There An Ay-Ay-Ron Here?

Proxy – A person authorized to act on behalf of another.

I realize that proxy is more for doing something like voting on behalf of someone else (or could be the Internet related term). But it caused my mind to gravitate towards the memories of substitute teachers. The regular teacher gets enough abuse, but the sub? Kids act like it’s a vacation when they arrive.

Not to mention how the parents feel when their child comes home and says, “We had a substitute today!”

“What did you do?”

“We watched movies!”


Anyway…I was then reminded of this video from Key & Peele – Substitute Teacher (warning: there’s some language). I’ve had substitutes who’ve really struggled with names. Not mine as it’s plain as unbuttered toast, but others in my class. It would crack us up. Poor substitute.

2 comments on “DEE-Nice? How About Ay-Ay-Ron? Is There An Ay-Ay-Ron Here?

  1. flhockeymomfit
    November 4, 2017

    I freaking love that skit! Poor, poor substitute teachers.


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