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Iced Mochas For Everyone! How I Enjoyed The Justice League

“Picture it. The sun, the sea, hundreds of women just like her running around, and me, the first man they’ve seen in… oh, maybe forever? Oh, and look what I brought. Iced Mochas for everyone. Sweet.” -The Flash

For the first time in like a bagillion years, I saw a movie right when it came out. Wut?! I know, crazy, right? It was a birthday present from a friend. I think the idea was taking me to see the movie because it had The Flash in it. It may not have been The Flash that I like (i.e. Wally West), but he was all right.

Let’s do a little background on what I’ve seen so far…

I managed to watch the Man of Steel. I say managed because I really didn’t like it all that much. I blame part of it on my attachment to the original General Zod. Not to mention Clark’s parents being…different. Not in looks, but in attitude toward the world, etc. It was all just different and darker. Plus, I’m really not a super (ha) huge fan of Superman.

Then I saw Dawn of Justice. A little better.

  • I was a bit taken aback by the new Batman (Ben Affleck). He’s….bulkier. His voice is electronically altered. But the longer I saw him on-screen, the more I was ok with him. Still not ok so much with Superman, but I can give Batman a little leeway. Am I a fan? I suppose more so for Batman than Superman. Batman is my personality personified at times: dark, brooding, grumpy (:P).
  • Alfred was more involved which was interesting.
  • I’ve liked previous versions of Lex Luther, but not this one. Still, should I like him at all? Maybe that’s a good thing. I didn’t get a sense of “presence” when he walked into a room.
  • Finally, Wonder Woman has not been a top favorite. Gosh…I make it sound like I don’t care for any of them. The Flash. That’s pretty much it. Still, I think the best part of this movie, for me at least, was Wonder Woman. All the hype, all the complaints online about how she wasn’t tall enough, buff enough. The actress was too skinny and didn’t look like an Amazon at all. I think she did a great job and it honestly made the movie more enjoyable for me.

Then the Wonder Woman movie came out. By this point, I was kind of looking forward to seeing it because I’d already gotten a taste of the character in Dawn of Justice. And I wasn’t surprised. I really did enjoy the movie from the action, special effects, and overall storyline. Diana was portrayed as strong and intelligent, as she’s always been in both the JLA and JLU animated series’.

Now we’ve arrived at the Justice League. The movie that brings them all together.

  • Superman is dead.
  • Batman, still bulky as ever, carries the guilt of Superman’s death.
  • Wonder Woman preaches a good sermon about leading and not pulling away from the world but doesn’t walk that same walk (i.e. after the death of Steve Trevor).
  • Cyborg has his own demons to deal with…mainly the unasked for upgrades that kept him alive.
  • The Flash? He’s just barely making it day by day, the imprisonment of his father carrying a lot of weight to the point that he has no goals in life other than to visit his father.

For those that previously hated on Man of Steel or Dawn of Justice, I highly encourage you to give Justice League a try. Don’t assume it’ll be terrible. Well, I mean I went into it thinking The Flash wouldn’t be great but was pleasantly surprised. Here’s why…

Thanks to the screenplay by Joss Whedon, I think the DC universe might be able to survive and hold its own against Marvel in this movie war. Justice League had a lot of action, a little bit of dark but finally added humor, which it had been desperately missing. This felt like the Justice League I grew to love in the animated series. Granted, I’ve not read the comic books, so maybe it’s so far out from that it’ll anger diehard fans. But for me, I enjoyed the movie. And for those afraid of walking in the middle of the story and not knowing what’s going on? There are easter eggs for the fans, yes, but the overall story is not lost on the general moviegoers. In fact, the audience is caught up, with just the right amount of hints for us to learn about Cyborg’s and The Flash’s accidents (no great detail, just enough), Wonder Woman’s loss of a loved one (Trevor), Batman’s guilt (as mentioned above) and Superman’s death. Very little is known about Aquaman, so everyone enters his story with the same information. My friend and I were impressed by Aquaman…well, I was more impressed with the woman who is to be his wife. She did some pretty cool water manipulation.

Favorite parts?

  • Aquaman’s heartfelt confession before battle. *sniff* It was truly beautiful. Watch the movie and you’ll understand.  😉
  • The Flash making attempts to fit in, but at the same time starstruck. Fighting alongside Wonder Woman and Batman? Whoa. Favorite quotes, “I hope this is East.” “Pet Sematary!” (Ok, not as good as “Iced Mochas for everyone!” but again…this is Barry Allen, not Wally West)
  • Cyborg said it. He actually said it at the end!! “Booyah”  Sweet.
  • A boom tube near a Mother Box

    They had boob tubes! Err…I mean, boom tubes (I blame JLU’s Flash for that slip)

There’s more, but I don’t want to spoil the movie, so I’ll leave it at that. Justice League was a thoroughly enjoyable movie. My friend and I kinda wanted more action, but it was still super fun. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing more Justice League and perhaps, dare I say it, League of Doom?!

By the way, people came out of the theater happy with the movie experience. While in the elevator, a dad and his kid said their movie was way too long. Uh, which movie was that?

Thor: Ragnarok.

4 comments on “Iced Mochas For Everyone! How I Enjoyed The Justice League

  1. ichabod2014ic
    November 18, 2017

    I wasn’t interested before, but thanks to your review, I am looking forward to this movie.


  2. ichabod2014ic
    November 18, 2017

    By the way, you still need to check my comment on the guitar post…

    And read my linked article!!!


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