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If One More Thing Breaks…

finally – after a long time, typically involving difficulty or delay.

It’s what my husband will say once I catch up with the Pendergast series. I have 2 1/2 more books to go! And I’m still not liking Constance Greene.

It’s what I’ll say once I figure out the solution to my stupid refrigerator freezing random stupid food and the stupid water line, but not the stupid ice! (I feel a little better after venting, thanks!)

It’s what my kids will say once I fix the DVD player in the car…and the hard drive in the computer…and…

It’s what my friend will say when I pick a date to meet for coffee. How about next year?

Now that the holiday season is over, I can breathe a little sigh of relief. Meh, I don’t really count New Years. I’ve already survived Y2K. Google it. I actually enjoyed December for the most part. I didn’t overdo it like usual, but still managed to balance volunteering and family time. It’s hard to focus on the reason for Christmas when I feel rushed.

So I may sigh in relief, until…

The refrigerator line freezes up again. I fix that, only to have the ice maker temporarily stop working. Fix that. The dryer’s screeching now, so I’ve got “replace idler pulley” on my list, along with the DVD player. That you God for helpful people on YouTube and parts available on RepairClinic, ApplianceParts and Ebay! Otherwise, I’m feeling like if one more thing breaks…


8 comments on “If One More Thing Breaks…

  1. withasideofburnttoast
    December 31, 2017

    This made me laugh too much honestly. This meme is also me at uni during finals week this past fall semester.

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    • Elizabeth Los
      December 31, 2017

      Yuk, finals. Yes, let’s give an exam that packs nearly everything covered for the semester on one test…right around the holidays. What’s worse is if the final counts for half of the entire grade (with the other half being the mid-term) and no opportunity for extra credit just in case. At least it looks like you survived!

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      • withasideofburnttoast
        January 1, 2018

        I did survive – barely. My friends were having a discussion about this. We all seem to have reached the conclusion that the educational system is a bit wack. Why test us comprehensively on all that we’ve already proved we know over the course of the semester? And why make it so heavy to keep us from passing the classes, with no chance of extra credit? (Rant over haha.) Still – thankful for the chance at having an education. : )

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        • Elizabeth Los
          January 1, 2018

          Embarrassingly, I admit that I had to take a class three times, but it wasn’t until the third where I finally passed and that was simply because I had a different instructor. The first two were graded by mid-term and final. If you flunked the mid-term, there was no way you’d pass the class. So why bother with the final?

          Then there was my Biology class. That instructor was a nut, in my humble opinion. lol How can I get an A in the class yet a D in the lab? Because apparently, I write small…so I was marked off for the blank spots after each sentence in my lab book and not on the content.

          Sometimes we get excellent teachers that really push us to strive to learn more. Then there are others that should either reevaluate how they run the class or maybe just retired already!

          Have you used “rate my professor”?

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          • withasideofburnttoast
            January 1, 2018

            I have used Rate My Professor in the past, especially in my freshman year! However, in my major, certain professors teach specific classes that are required for my degree – so even when I hear unfortunate stories – there seems to be no way of wriggling out of the class situation.

            I’m taking Organic Chemistry for a second time – and wouldn’t be surprised if I had to take it again (is that bad to say before the term has even started?). So I feel you on repeating classes.

            Anyway – I really dislike classes that are based on testing ability through a midterm and final. Especially in those classes where the midterm defines whether or not you should drop the class completely! Definitely asking “why bother?” on that.

            I’m sorry to hear that was your experience in Biology. I would likely argue the scoring based on your blank spaces in the lab book. That seems unfair. Grading the white paper over content – I feel like that shouldn’t be allowed.

            I couldn’t agree more on having quality instructors. They make an environment that motivates and challenges you to think and learn the information. And of course, other teachers that have a specific way of grading and teaching, not always to the benefit of the students. I’ve for sure known a few about to retire, and it’s such a difference from those who are passionately teaching still in the long term.


            • Elizabeth Los
              January 1, 2018

              Sadly, Biology was at the beginning of my college education and I wasn’t confident enough to defy anyone in authority.

              What’s your major?

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              • withasideofburnttoast
                January 3, 2018

                I feel that. As a freshman, my teachers were titans of knowledge and I didn’t doubt the grades they gave. I loved learning (always will) but learned that teachers are humans too – even if they teach 300 student lectures and perform surgery. My major is Applied Nutrition on the dietetic track. : )


  2. stoner on a rollercoaster
    December 31, 2017

    ahhaahahaahah the meme 😂
    Happy New Year!


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