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Secret Chamber Up Lincoln’s Nose

My reservation on New Year’s Eve was with the TCM app on Amazon Fire Stick and a few good movies. With kids around, I can’t trust most things on Netflix, but with movies before 1960, I’ve never come across anything objectionable. Besides, it subtly exposes them to these fun classics they would otherwise pass by. While watching North by Northwest, my son shared with me that you can actually crawl up the nose of one of the presidents at Mount Rushmore and pretend he’s sneezing. *sigh* Thanks, YouTube. There is a secret chamber, but it isn’t in the nose or the ear. Eh, at least he was paying attention to the movie somewhat.

Next up was The Window. Actually, I’d started this movie, but didn’t have time to finish, so really I was only watching the last half. Based on the story of the Boy Who Cried Wolf, Tommy who’s known for telling tall tales (i.e. lying). My son thought it was interesting that 1) the boy slept on the fire escape because of the heat and 2) the parents left him alone during the day. How times have changed! Tommy witnesses a murder and tries to tell his parents as well as the police, but nobody believes him. Left alone a knowing the killers are planning to silence him, what’s a boy to do? The movie was pretty good but didn’t hold his interest like The Bad Seed.

Finally, I picked Bachelor Mother, a Warner Bros comedy classic starring Ginger Rogers and David Niven. After parting ways professionally from Fred Astaire, Rogers shows she can handle her own in this witty movie. With a plot full of mistaken identities, Bachelor Mother is a light-hearted treatment of the otherwise serious issues of child abandonment.

During her lunch break, she sees a stranger leaving a baby on the steps of an orphanage. She pleads for the woman not to abandon the baby (to no avail). Fearing the baby will roll down the steps, Polly picks it up. An attendant opens the door and mistakenly believes that Polly is the baby’s mother. The dumbfounded look on her face was perfect, as she listened to her boss (who was letting her go) not only reinstate her job but give her a raise. All because he thought it was her baby and she couldn’t afford to keep him. The employer not only cared enough to ensure security for her and her baby, but he also sent over a basket of baby goodies as well. He further supports her by dropping by to offer advice, as he’d read a scientific book on the care of babies.

Ginger Rogers does a brilliant job in this comedy. I love the expressions she offers in each scene. David Niven is just plain cute as the employer who takes a special interest, sharing his knowledge, only to find, his chagrin, that he’d made a slight error.

It was nice for him to suffer the same misunderstand with his grandfather as she’d experienced with nearly everyone. The two work well together and the chemistry on-screen is believable. I had a fun time watching this movie, even when the moment of revealing the baby’s father was a predictable one.



3 comments on “Secret Chamber Up Lincoln’s Nose

  1. ichabod2014ic
    January 2, 2018

    “Rope’, ‘The Thirty-Nine Steps’, and ‘Strangers on a Train’ are my favorite Hitchcock movies. I don’t care for some of the later Cary Grant movies as much.

    I am a big fan of that charming bunch of British actors in David Nivens time. James Mason, Stewart Grainger, Errol Flynn, Herbert Marshall, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Douglas Fairbanks Sr., but the most charming and sophisticated of them all is Ronald Coleman.

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    • Elizabeth Los
      January 2, 2018

      I only had North by Northwest (NxNW) and Strangers on a Train to choose from, and I’d just watched Strangers not that long ago. Cary Grant was best in films like Philadelphia Story or the Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer. Then again, it had Myrna Loy and she’s always been my favorite every since pairing up with William Powell.

      I first saw Ronald Coleman in Tale of Two Cities, but I can’t recall if I’ve seen him in anything else. And I’ve only seen Niven in a few movies, one of which was Murder by Death. I preferred him in the Bachelor Mom. He certainly had charm!

      Errol Flynn! I need to show my kids Robin Hood or Captain Blood! I’ve heard about Cry Wolf, but I haven’t see it. Have you?


      • ichabod2014ic
        January 2, 2018

        I don’t know ‘Cry Wolf’. I’ll look for it.

        Here is a brief list of my fave classy Brit actors and movies.

        Ronald Coleman:
        ‘The Prisoner of Zenda’ {With a heelish Douglas Fairbanks Jr.}
        ‘Lost Horizon’

        Herbert Marshall:
        {He lost a leg in WWI. He was a big star throughout the thirties, but kept his injury hidden. When you watch his movies, you can’t tell he is one-legged. During WWII, he helped fellow amputees with their recoveries.}
        ‘Trouble in Paradise’
        ‘Foreign Correspondent’ {George Sanders!!! He is fantastic in many roles! His autobiography is supposed to be most scandalous.}
        ‘The Razors Edge’

        Ralph Richardson:
        ‘The Four Feathers’
        ‘The Fallen Idol’
        Later, he makes cameos in ‘Rollerball’ & ‘Time Bandits’.

        David Niven and his ilk are, regrettably, of a time gone by.


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