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ProLifer’s Struggle

I want to give every pregnancy, every fetus, every chance possible. To have a child, to give birth, for me, wasn’t easy…even with all of the advances in medicine.

It took over four years for me to get pregnant. It always seemed the way,  those that didn’t want another child easily got pregnant while I had thoughts of being less than or broken. And my body struggled to maintain the pregnancy, putting me in the hospital for three weeks. I hated it. Every four days, my IV had to be changed. A catheter was required because of the ordered bedrest. Nothing but Food network or TLC (showing births gone horribly wrong). The food was bleh. I lost weight. I wanted out, I wanted to go home.

“You can always leave AMA,” the nurse said.

Seriously? First off, don’t encourage a patient to go against medical advice even if it’s their right. Second, I’d held on to this pregnancy for nearly 6 months, why would I give up now. Finally, I wouldn’t consider it because for me, my son was viable even before I was aware I was pregnant.

Fast forward to my second pregnancy. It didn’t take as long to get pregnant, but I started having sysmtoms that were a sign of early termination.  My body was starting to reject it. With advice from my doctor, I started on Progesterone. Weekly injections into my leg. My girl came early, but I’d done all I could to ensure as much time to develop and grow as possible. Two weeks in the NICU, in another city. I slept on a couch the hospital provided me. It was rough, but she was every bit worth it as my son.


One comment on “ProLifer’s Struggle

  1. sarishboo
    January 4, 2018

    I’m glad you were able to get pregnant. I’ve heard it’s ones of the greatest experiences being of parent. 😊


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