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What I Learned From Dr. House: It’s Never Lupus

It may be winter in other parts of the country (or world), but in California, it’s warm and sunny. Traveling to Lake Arrowhead and even Big Bear, the only snow we saw was the man-made kind. My daughter desperately wanted to eat some. Not knowing what’s in the snow, I told her I’d buy her a snow cone.  It’s not the same, apparently.

My brother-in-law has been complaining about the cold weather and snow. He hates it when I mention that it’s been in the high 70s, almost 80s, most days with it cooling off at night. It gets chilly! He grumbles, mumbling something about me not knowing what true cold really is.

Unfortunately, with the warm weather, it means my son doesn’t have much of a break from allergies. He was fine in the mountains, but coming back home he started sneezing again. It got me thinking about how my sister-in-law has looked up mundane symptoms, like sneezing or itchy throat on the Internet and has come across some terminal illness. Like when searching for headache or muscle pain remedies/information, only to find the top listing is almost always cancer. I just looked up lower calf pain because I felt a pop like a tight tendon giving me trouble and the online ” differential diagnosis” (i.e. the list of possible causes) included peripheral artery disease, atherosclerosis, diabetes neuropathy…surprisingly sarcoma didn’t come up. Then I found this meme.

Now I’m curious, has this happened to you?


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