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Sometimes You Winsome, Bone-Side Down Barbecue & Grill

Bone-Side Down Barbecue & Grill

Recently, our family took a trip to the mountains. It was only for a couple of days, but it was enough to give the kids a chance to play in the snow. In sunny California weather, that’s a rarity. Before leaving, I always take some time to research the area online. I try not only to find different activities or places to visit, but also good local food. I feel it’s really important to support the local businesses. Well, this time around, we headed off to Big Bear. While leaving Big Bear, we planned to stop and pick up some dinner for back in the cabin. I’d read about a place called Bone-Side Down Barbecue & Grill and the reviews were good, so I figured let’s try it.

Bone-Side Down Barbecue & Grill is not a winsome restaurant as I expected in the mountains. It’s what you might consider a “hole in the wall”. It’s small, with a red wood shack for preparing and packing up the food and the back open area for smoking and grilling the meat. The place is anything but winsome. But isn’t that often the case?

We called in and asked for the family feast: 2 pounds of meat, 1/2 rack of ribs, 2 large sides, and bread. Over the phone, I was told they were running out of just about everything, but he’d have something together for us when we arrived. Taking our time, we stopped at a quilt shop (bleh). I hate sewing, but my mom loves it. Since we had time to kill, I suffered through. Once finished, we arrived at Bone-Side Down 15 minutes early. That worked out great because it gave us a chance to chat with the owner and one of the cooks. They were immediately friendly, happy to talk about grandkids as well as their business and food, welcoming us to check out their grills and smoker and share some of the experience they’ve had with preparing their food for other larger events.

It’s a rarity to meet such cordial and genuine people. For me, that made the stop worthwhile. I was happy we were able to support this business. They truly were generous in their time and their portions. The food, needless to say, was delicious.

  • My kids raved about the ribs (as we all did)
  • The smokey flavor on the pulled pork was great.
  • The sausage, so good with just a little kick.
  • The brisket, a definite winner.
  • The coleslaw was yummy, light, not swimming in mayo, with cranberries!

All of it was good. It’s not surprising why they run out often. In fact, arriving 30 minutes after calling, they’d already run out of the mac and cheese side dish.

Bone-Side Down holds its own charm. With warm and friendly greetings, as well as good food, Bone-Side Down will surely make our list on our next visit. If you find yourself in the Lake Big Bear area, give them a try. But a word of warning: Call your order in early! Not only do locals frequent this establishment, but also residents of San Bernardino County that are willing to make the trip up the mountain for some BBQ.


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