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Top 6 Repurposing Ideas With Funnels

Fun With Funnels!

funnel – a tube or pipe that is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, used for guiding liquid or powder into a small opening.

I’m not a Pinterest Mom, so I have difficulty seeing the value or creative use of an everyday item in order to repurpose it. I love the idea though, of taking something that otherwise I’d be done with (or throw away) and find a new use for it instead. In this post, I refer to the fun…that thing used to pour oil into the car….or is it the one that makes those delicious cakes. mmmm  Where was I? oh, right…funnels.

Here are my top six finds for unique and creative ways to use funnels.

    1. Sensory Play with funnels: This uses 3/4 inch PVC pipe to arrange an interactive play set guaranteed to keep little ones busy. Found on Frugal Fun For Boys (And Girls) blog, they also have ideas for a water table. This is a simplified version of something I’d find in a children’s museum, yet still fun, relatively inexpensive and easy to build. If you aren’t comfortable cutting PVC pipe, ask your local hardware store. More often than not, they’ll do it. You just need to provide the measurements desired.
    2. Christmas Decoration: Found on Wade Creek House Antiques blog, these adorable Christmas trees are simply stacked funnels, spray painted and decorated to the finished product seen in the photograph. The blog has more ideas, but I liked the Christmas trees the best. Not sure the candle idea would work well until it had a base to catch the drippings.


  1. Craft Station: Funnels can make a great twine and string dispenser. Architecture Art Designs actually has a lot of repurposing ideas. With a funnel in place, the ball of twine should stay put. What a clever idea!
  2. Birdhouse: Ok, this requires a few more ideas, but they’re easily obtainable. I don’t know who came up with the design originally, but I’m sure a quick search on Pinterest will come up with different ways to use a funnel in building a birdhouse. It’s a nice way to keep the seed dry and offer a little protection for the birds as they grab a bite.
  3. Lighting: If you like the vintage look in home decorating, try an antique funnel as part of the lighting. DIY Craftsy offers step by step how to instructions.
  4. Hanging Flowerpot: This seems like an easy trick that even I could have come up with. Still, it makes for an eye-catching display.


These ideas serve not only to create but to inspire. There are so many other ways to use funnels. Have you ever repurposed one?

Here’s my funnel repurposing idea for work. 🙂


2 comments on “Top 6 Repurposing Ideas With Funnels

  1. ichabod2014ic
    January 7, 2018

    No, no, no, those are all wrong. The correct answer is Wizard of Oz Tin Man hat.


    • Elizabeth Los
      January 7, 2018

      That’s an obvious repurposing, done years ago! Tin Man, being a Hollywood guy, would have wanted a face lift by now, but those plans would have been….foiled. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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