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Stranded At Airport Overnight: “All Night Long” Viral Dance Video

Imagine being stuck at an airport for hours…no wait, days. That’s what’s currently happening at JFK airport in New York. Some have been stranded, left to sleep in the airport for over 40 hours. Yiks. Not only are they unable to fly out, but the airport has been having even more complications with flooding from a water main break. I feel for not only the travelers but the staff as well.I can only imagine the forlorn looks on everyone’s faces as each minute passes without any resolution.

But at some point, all the chaotic bad things that are happening just has to make one laugh…as if to say, “What else could happen?” I get to that point. I start feeling like I’m in a comedy movie where everything that can go wrong, seems to be going wrong. Feelings of depression slightly lift to be replaced by giggles and amazement at the sheer absurdity of the situation.

How would you respond to this situation, after having slept for a few days at the airport?

Here’s a video of one woman who was stuck at the airport “All Night Long”. It’s truly a great example of how our attitudes can change a bad situation to at least a tolerable one.


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