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Sorry, Can’t Hear You Over How Awesome My Disasters Are

Brilliant Moon over T.A.R.D.I.S.

Sometimes I think to myself “brilliant” and not in a good way.


Starting a land war in Asian?





Take my family on vacation, when it’s pouring rain, mudslides causing road closures and power outages. But the reservations were made, we were committed. And then I drain the battery on the car.





My husband decides to take a train ride with a 4-year-old and a 1-year-old, without Mom and NO diaper bag. Grandma “double wrapped” the baby in two pants. She peed through both. 4 year old fell asleep 5 minutes before arriving at the station. Daughter had pink eye. And opening both doors in the car created a “wind tunnel” sending my conference papers into the parking lot.





Took the kids sledding in Big Bear. They had a conveyor belt type ski lift (a magic carpet). A boy fell, knocking me over, which in turn caused me to pull off my daughter’s shoe and knock her to the side platform…oh, and then knocking my son onto me.






The DVD player wasn’t working. The lens required cleaning. I took it apart to clean it, then put it back together….ending up with extra screws.



My friend thought the cat peed in his carrier during the car ride because he hated enclosed spaces. Why not let him see where he’s going, while in the comfort of a pillowcase on the lap of her niece? Five minutes into the car ride, the cat peed anyway. Turns out…he just hates car rides.




Oh, and it wasn’t her car. It was her dad’s car, which now smells like cat urine.




Actually, that was brilliant. Her car doesn’t reek. 🙂


Have you had a brilliant moment, or two, that you’d dare to share?


2 comments on “Sorry, Can’t Hear You Over How Awesome My Disasters Are

  1. VivianM
    January 9, 2018

    loved it! cute and funny!


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