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Iris-pect Eye Puns, Don’t You?

Eye am so glad you dropped by. Be warned, these puns couldn’t get any cornea. That’s how eye roll. Don’t lash out at me. It’s vitreous humor. Eventually, you’ll find it funny. Iris my case.

Having trouble eliciting the appropriate emotional response? Don’t blink and maybe your eyes will tear up. Then again, you might just end up looking like a wide-eyed psycho.

If you wink instead of blink, you’ve found a loophole in dealing with Weeping Angels.

They blinked

When you’re with your cross-eyed friend, do you ever wonder if they’re seeing someone else?

It’s pronounced “eye-gor”.


One comment on “Iris-pect Eye Puns, Don’t You?

  1. Success Inspirers' World
    January 19, 2018

    Entertaining story. Thanks for sharing!


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