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Please Give Me The Silent Treatment

The photo challenge for this week is silence. I couldn’t decide on which picture to use, so I’m posting all of them!

This first one was taken in Running Springs, California. I love the beach, the soothing sounds of the ocean waves, but nothing compares to the crisp air, scenic views and stillness of the mountains. It really is serene. On this day, I had taken my kids sledding. So it wasn’t exactly peaceful or quiet, but pictures can be deceiving! If you were to see behind me, you’d notice the hill, the huge number of kids and the chaos down below as some more enthusiastic riders end up running into the slow movers. But facing away from all of that, I can tune out the noise and enjoy this one perfect view: clear blue sky, pine trees, and snow.

This particular picture was taken on a whale watching trip. We didn’t actually see any whales, but we did see lots and lots of energetic dolphins. At one point, we passed this ship. I snapped a quick shot of it and imagined being on it alone, with nothing but the subtle movement of the ocean and the cool breeze. Staring into the sea, it’s almost hypnotic: the rippling and waving waters that reflect the cloudy skies above. Up and down the ship would move, rocking its passengers to sleep.

This is one of my favorite pictures: The Grand Canyon. I love the contrast between the blue sky and the red Earth. To me, this place is very silent and peaceful…at least when the tour buses leave. 😉 All that can be heard is the wind blowing. Rarely is there a cry from a bird or the skittering of an animal in the bushes. I’ve never been to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, but I imagine it much the same, or even better. Quiet, serene, the perfect place to camp and just enjoy God’s creation. It’s a true masterpiece.

4 comments on “Please Give Me The Silent Treatment

  1. Pilgrim
    January 20, 2018

    Tee here, pictures are indeed deceiving. All great shots.


  2. Shikha Chandel
    January 21, 2018

    beautiful 🙂


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