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Treat YourShelf To Strategic Ikea Puns

If a company wants to get on my good side, first they need to provide excellent service. This is becoming more and rarer…but I’ll leave that for a complaint post. 😉

Second, they need to have a good marketing strategy. In Ikea’s case, they did it right for a short while.

If you’ve never been in an Ikea, let me tell you that after a while you start feeling like the Israelites lost in the desert for 40 years. Ok, maybe I exaggerated, but it’s because I hate shopping so much. We start with living room furniture and by the time we reach the kitchen area I want to cry and go home. And we haven’t even reached the warehouse to pick up our parts! Yes, Ikea has a showroom where you think, huh, that looks easy to put together. Until you pick up the sheet that lists the parts needed…a list of hundred parts in aisles: B52, U2, M83, L7, Level 42…and don’t forget the 9-inch nails. It’s no wonder they have they’re own cafeteria. You’ll die from thirst or starvation because of how long it takes!

Sure, they have maps, but who reads them? It’s a store! Stores shouldn’t have maps, right? I wonder if Google Maps would work in Ikea…

Anyway, if you’re still feeling short on puns by the end, there’s a fun video of a guy annoying his girlfriend with even more Ikea puns.

The original source for this pictures was cited as “Design Taxi”, but the link was no longer valid.

If you didn’t get enough, check out this video where a guy annoys his girlfriend in Ikea with even more puns.



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