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Complimentary Coffee Says You Look Amazing

candid – truthful and straightforward; frank.

I once had a friend tell me I was like a Buick hammering in a nail. That’s how blunt and to the point, I can be. I guess that means painfully so?

Anyway…it’s Monday, the start of a new work week. Yyyyaaaay.

So how about some amusement? If you haven’t experienced the joys of conference calls or video conferences calls, you’re really missing out!  This happens with I’ve been a part of. That’s what makes these videos so, painfully, funny. We’ve had callers put their phone on hold, so the rest of us get to listen to the on hold music while we try to conduct the meeting. Then, there are the calls that constantly cut out, so we get every third word. Ugh.

Then again, I’ve been guilty of one thing during conference calls. I’ve failed to put my phone on silent. Meaning, that if someone texts me (like my supervisor), and we chat back and forth during the meeting, the others can hear the “tap tap tap” of my typing.

“What’s that noise?” Someone asks.

I stay quiet…just like my now silenced phone. 🙂

Happy Monday!


One comment on “Complimentary Coffee Says You Look Amazing

  1. Hidden Gems
    January 22, 2018

    These were hilarious!


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