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Helen Cushing Rose

dominant– most important, powerful, or influential.

I always thought it was an interesting topic in school, the idea of dominant vs recessive genes and traits. The common example would always be blue eyes vs brown eyes. Kids in my class would look at me and wonder how I exist with blue eyes and blonde hair. I’d always have to respond with two recessives equal one dominant…sort of. That’s really oversimplifying it, but it got them off my back, ok?! 🙂

It reminds me of a video I’d seen years ago, where Peter Cushing had dedicated a newly grown rose in honor of his wife, Helen Cushing. I imagine this process is more lab-oriented nowadays, but it was fascinating to watch how it was done years ago. Sadly, I don’t think the rose is in existence anymore. Perhaps fans from across the pond could verify that? Still, just as in reading his autobiography book, the man notes his a deep and long-lasting love for his wife, which is heartwarming.

We currently have a super cool apple tree that has six different varieties in one tree.


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