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I Fernly Beleaf Them! Is A Brilli-Ant SciFi Movie

trill-a quavering or vibratory sound, especially a rapid alternation of sung or played notes.

Normally, trills might be associated with a musical instrument, like a flute or piccolo. Or maybe a singer, I suppose.

Though I’m a musician, I don’t immediately go there. No, my weird and wonderful brain immediately things of one of my favorite SciFi movies, Them! Akin to the shrieking violins indicating an attack, the trill of the giant ants hint at their proximity, making moviegoers cringe in anticipation of their arrival. In fact, the first time my kids saw Them!, the trill sent “them” into a frenzy, running in circles around the room as they prepared to see their first glimpse of an ant. The doctor shouts, “Get the antennae! Get the antennae!” And my kids scream along with him, “Get it!!”

IMDB notes “The sound that the giant ants make as they approach their prey is a recorded chorus of bird-voiced tree frogs (Hyla avivoca) of the southeastern U.S. Occasionally, a gray tree frog (Hyla chrysoscelis) can be heard on the soundtrack as well, as these species can often be heard together at the same wetland. These distinctive whistling-type sounds were re-used in various other films in the years that followed, particularly in Mohawk(1956) and The Black Scorpion (1957).”

The trill of the Hyla Avivoca:

Here’s the trill of the Hyla Chrysoscelis:

Them!  was released in 1954. It’s not quite antique yet. This is a fun and exciting movie. It doesn’t stink because all the ants in this film wore deodorant. Don’t be antisocial. Invite some friends over for movie night and enjoy!


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