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This Is Punacceptable!

The word today is “convey“.

Which made me think of belts, like the one I totally ate it on when sledding with the kids.

A belt conveys that holding up one’s pants provide it with a sense of self-worth.

It’s better than the seat, below the Bible and not as cool as the fan.

I actually couldn’t figure out my seat belt the other day. Then it clicked. 😉

We need to be aware that our actions can convey so much. Something innocent might be taking the wrong way, out of context. What is sent as a simple message in text could be completely misunderstood. For example, I sent a message to a friend, whose birthday we were celebrating at our house. I had made a cake for him, but I didn’t have any ice cream to go with it. So I texted “You get ice cream”, to which he didn’t respond. Instead, he came over that evening empty-handed.

Where’s the ice cream? I’d asked.

He thought I’d meant that he was getting ice cream, not that I was asking him to get it.


This is the difference between men and women. We communicate differently. I’m sure my friends would have understood the message. Unfortunately, that night, we only had cake.

Michael Jr. is a Christian comedy and really funny. Here’s a moment he’s describing where his actions were misconstrued.

Have you had texts or emails where you were misunderstood? Perhaps it’s even happened in person. Sometimes I think we are moving so fast to keep up with everyone else in society, that misunderstandings seem to be more commonplace than ever before. Have you had those moments?


One comment on “This Is Punacceptable!

  1. ichabod2014ic
    January 31, 2018

    Watch out, Elizabeth will belt you with a pun. 🙂


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