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A Cat That TAKES AWAY Years Of My Life

Doesn’t he look cute?

Looks can be deceiving…

Cats are supposed to relax owners and, in essence, add to the number of years on our lives because of that reduction in stress…right?!

Well, what if you have that rare cat that tends to be overstimulated easily? If you do, I sympathize with you. Sounds like a hyperactive cat, one that needs Ritalin, but no…that is not the case. An overstimulated cat is one that can only tolerate so much physical touch.

It kills me having a cat like that because I’ve grown up with several cats who’ve all wanted to snuggle and loved attention. Okay, maybe one of those cats was more my cat and less anyone else’s, but still…he loved scratches and snuggling.

The advice I found on other sites included this one:

If your cat is completely unpredictable, then for your safety use a wooden back scratcher to pet him so that if your cat strikes out, you will not be injured.

That’s awesome.

I actually found a video of a woman showing the subtle  (really subtle) signs of an overstimulated cat and how to manage limited petting. If the cat lashes out in 3 minutes, cut your time of affection down to 1-2 minutes. Always end on a positive note.

That’s all great and fine. In fact, I did attempt that with this guy, but what if he’s already annoyed from the beginning? Those subtle signs are already there, including the angry swish of the tail. Yet, he’s insisting to sit on your lap or rub up against your leg.

What’s the deal cat? You want love or not?!


But we’ve made a commitment to this cat, so getting rid of him to make my life easier is not an option. Yes, I’m stubborn, but I also like to keep my word. That’s really important to me. So if my family decides to adopt this cat, then it’s our stupid cat. 🙂

However, I have rules for this furry roommate of ours. Limited affection. Seriously. He’s scratched the kids two too many times. They don’t trust him. My daughter is still fearful of removing him from a chair she wants to sit in. Even my son hesitates. So when they do pet him, I’m usually around, and often warning them because I see it in his eyes, in the flinch of the paw. He’s ready to strike.

And then there’s the kneading…

Yes, I know cats knead. Most of my cats have done that. Getting ready for bed, they make their spot as comfy as possible before going to sleep. Sometimes they’ve done it on my lap while watching TV. But this cat….he’s different. He waits until I’m in bed and then jumps on top of my feet (which are thankfully protected by layers of blankets) and proceeds to aggressively knead. When he first did this, I raised up on my elbows to see what he was doing. And he rushed me, meowing angrily for interrupting him! Another night, he bit my foot through the blanket. Ouch! Since then, I’ve been less tolerant of this behavior. I’ve tried to move my feet out from under, still leaving him in that spot to knead, but he just seeks out that lump (my feet under the blankets) and starts all over again. Grr. It usually ends with him on the floor. Eventually, he settles down next to me for the night.

My point? If you have a psycho cat like this (and yes, I’ve decided his nickname is Psycho), then I do sympathize with you. However, I encourage you not to give up on him (or her). I’m a dog person at heart, but even with Psycho, I recognize the need for a home and I can manage his presence with great caution and love him from afar.

My psycho cat attacking Christmas paper while I was wrapping presents. This was 5 minutes before he suddenly turned and scratched my arm, unprovoked. SIGH


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