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Top 5 Stupid Products For My Creature, Psycho Cat

This is my creature, Psycho Cat. Ok, not the cat in the picture. I’m sure that’s a cool cat. I’m referring to the sentiment. The Doctor thinks Daleks are bad, he should meet Mike Hat my cat.

Here are the top 5 stupid cat products that might benefit my psycho cat:

  1. Cat Mop/Duster Booties: Put ‘im ta work! as Captain Barbossa might say. Why not? If Pyscho Cat is going to spread his litter outside of the box, it’s only right that he should clean it up. He hasn’t been able to hold down a proper job, so he’s got to do chores as his part of the roommate agreement.
  2. Inflatable Unicorn Horn…for cats! If he wants to join us next time for trick or treating, he has to go as something more than just “the cat”. Even “Mike Hat” won’t do (sorry, I just love that name, heh…best for a dog though). Thankfully, there’s this product. Easily (ha) inflatable, he’ll be the purest and prettiest unicorn in all the land…
    Or he can go evil, which he most certainly will because he’s Pyscho Cat.
  3. PetPetter: For Psycho Cat, nothing but the best. Well, I suppose the best would be me actually petting him, but I prefer to keep my fingers in place and my skin intact. Here’s the purrfect solution. It certainly looks better than this version.
  4. Kitty Literacy: We like to encourage literacy in our household. Ok, the dog might be a lost cause, but apparently, there’s hope for cats. I just don’t think he’s into these types of books. Psycho Cat would no doubt prefer Misery over Joy Luck Club.
  5. DJ Cat: Check out these fresh beats he’s laying down. Not Pyscho Cat. He’ll just lie down. No amp included in this kit. Just a deck and a battle record for his best attempts at scribbling, stabbing, and stuttering.If all of these fail, perhaps I can pick up a small white board and dry erase marker…

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