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HGTV? That’s My Football

I wouldn’t make a very good HGTV client. Yeah…I don’t really “entertain” much. And when I do, it’s with lots of kids and down-to-Earth families so marble tile and glass coffee tables wouldn’t be the best option. Could you maybe just help me with storage and organization so that toys, papers and the like won’t make me cry on a daily basis? That’s really my main goal.

I still like watching these fixer-upper shows, even though they make me scoff most times. Oh look, there are two $90 pillows on the couch. I’d hate to know how much the coach is. Or they focus so much on the changes in the kitchen but fail to show the rest of the house. I guess the budget was blown on the kitchen. Time for a trip to Walmart for the rest of the linens and other such accessories. Maybe not even Walmart, but more like the dollar store. Still, I’m envious that I can’t conjure up my own style or inner HGTV to clean up my home. Eh, the kids are dressed, I have a full-time job and we have a placed to sleep each night. I’m good. 🙂

I tried watching a different show (other than the popular Fixer Uppers) and found my reaction was the same. Here’s a house with everything you both want! Oh, but it’s WAY beyond your price range. Let that be a lesson to you and let’s get to fixing up another house! My husband said, “Why would they even show that house if they can’t afford it?” I laughed. Because like every other homeowner, their expectations were unrealistic and they needed to be knocked down a peg or two.

  • If you have a real estate agent that will only show you three houses and then makes you decide between them, he’s probably a fan of HGTV.
  • Use caution when choosing words for a drinking game. Might want to avoid “shiplap”, “open concept” or “charming” for now.
  • Be thankful women don’t watch HGTV like guys watch football. “Tile floors with those cabinets?!” “They’re using shiplap. YES!!”

And now, I’m off to make a cup of coffee, because without it, I’m just a 2-year-old who’s blankie is still in the dryer.


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