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Forcing My Family To Have Fun

For the word, “layered”, one of the first things that come to mind are the rock formations I’ve seen in Arizona and Nevada. Take a look at this picture I took while visiting the Grand Canyon and you’ll instantly see what I mean. Each region has its own beauty. I think that’s what beautiful about this area, besides the fact that a “big hole in the ground” is a bit more impressive in person. I gave an exasperated laugh.

I brought my kids to see this natural wonder. Gaze at the awesomeness that is the Grand Canyon! Only, instead of gasps, OOs and Aws, I got “Is that it? It’s a big hole in the ground?” I gave an exasperated laugh. Obviously, it’s much more than that. Perhaps when they’re older and they decide to revisit the site, they’ll have a better appreciation for it.

This does seem to be a running theme, though. I pick a place to go on vacation, I search and plan for weeks, trying to find something different, unique to check out. The most recent trip was down to San Diego. We stopped by the zoo on the first day, but the second day I wanted to do something we’d never done before. And the best spots seem to be State (or Federal) Parks. I really enjoy exploring and hiking those areas. So this time, I read up on the Anza-Borrego State Park. Sure, it was a bit of a drive from San Diego, but it was worth it. The first stop was the visitor’s center. They had a discovery lab where kids could feel various animal pelts, open drawers that hold bones, footprints, animal models and more. Outside is a garden pathway that we walked a bit. I wanted to look more at the metal sculptures around town, but we didn’t have as much time as I’d hoped. We at least saw them as we drove down the road. So the main focus was the hike. I found a relatively easy one off highway 78 called The Slot.

The Slot is basically a wash, an area where flash flood moves swiftly through and erodes the rock and sand, making a canyon-like structure. If you’re ever in this area, I highly recommend first stopping by the visitor’s center to get information on the park itself. This will also give you a chance to chat with one of the state park officials and ask about the road conditions of the area you’d like to visit. If you have a four-wheel drive, it isn’t so much an issue, but I don’t, so I had to ask. And let me tell you, as the driver, you know exactly when you’re hitting soft sand versus packed dirt. To avoid needing a tow truck, great care is necessary because you aren’t driving on the main road. For most of the hikes, you have to exit the road and drive on a wash.

This picture should give an idea of how deep it is. Which is why it’s important to hike The Slot only when there’s no threat of rain. You don’t want to get caught in this area. The walls may have rock, but they are crumbly and it would be extremely difficult to climb up and out of the way in time to escape a flash flood.

I had fun on the hike. But my son’s complaining was constant. “Oh, look. More of the same rock.” Actually, this one looks different so there 😛

The one below we named the “butt” rock because my family is seriously immature. 🙂

And this one we couldn’t decide on. I said it looked like a horse’s head until my daughter corrected me and said it was more like a giraffe. Yeah, I can see it now.

At any rate, The Slot was a fun place to visit in Borrego Springs. And afterward, we headed down to Julien for some dinner and homemade apple pie. Yum!

Be sure to take a backpack with water and some snacks, put on sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat. One of the nice things about The Slot is that it was mainly in the shade with a cool breeze. Then again, this is February. Probably won’t be as cool in the summer.

Moral of the story if there is one?

Force your family to have fun. Sure, it’s soul-sucking to actually get them out there and they’ll cause you to question your choice, but once they’re in the middle of it, they might actually have some fun. I know my son liked it, but he’s too cool, too savage (eye roll), to admit that. My daughter, however, had a lot of fun. The reason I push them to do these things is for the memories. Sitting at home, playing video games does nothing but waste time. Go out and see the wonders of the world, some of which is practically right in your backyard!Slot C


One comment on “Forcing My Family To Have Fun

  1. Easter Ellen
    February 20, 2018

    Sounds and looks like a fun day.


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