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It’s Revenge And It’s Best Served Cold!

But it can be easily reheated, in the microwave of evil!

Pismo Beach is one of my favorite spots to visit. Despite living close enough to drive to a beach, I still prefer Pismo. The cool breezes, the fine sand, the lack of crowds, the clam chowder… *sigh* I digress. 🙂  The photo challenge for this week is “a face in the crowd” with the idea to “explore silhouettes, shadows, orientation, and other ways to mask your subject.” There’s no better way to mask my subjects than to take their picture over 100 feet away. I hate taking portraits. I’m only good at snapping landscapes, maybe animals if they’d just hold still. This picture makes me think of how many different stories are going on all at once. Someone walking their dog for exercise or fun? Parents taking kids out to play in the sand and get rid of some energy so they can have a moments peace for just once in their life?! Families chilling on the beach, enjoying the rays from the sun and maybe a cold drink. Then there’s the couple digging up buried treasure or perhaps burying something or…someone. Is that a shark in the waters? lol  Now that I’ve mistakenly allowed my kids to watch Jaws, I don’t think they’ll ever swim in the ocean…ever. Honestly, I don’t think I will either!

This picture I should entitle “Payback”. When I was twelve or so, my brother had “kidnapped” me and took me out for breakfast for my birthday. He dressed me in a clown nose, spraypainted my hair various colors and had me pass out candy in a reverse trick or treat fashion. Yeeeeears later, I’ve decided to repay him. He was given a bucket of candy and told he couldn’t go home until he’d emptied it. And no…trashing the candy didn’t count. What was funny was that when he explained his situation, some guys refused to take candy saying they wanted it to take him longer. lol   Awesome. My relationship with my brother was often, uh, rocky, growing up. But now that we live in separate homes with our own families we tolerate each other. Of course, the random pranks continue from time to time. Like the time I bought dog cookies, mixed them in with Chipsahoy cookies and gave him the cookie basket for his birthday. Muahahahaha. Don’t mess with me. 😉

4 comments on “It’s Revenge And It’s Best Served Cold!

  1. ichabod2014ic
    February 22, 2018

    What’s wrong with dog biscuits?


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