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You Dim Sum, You Lose Some

He’s so dense, light bends around him. Ah, the cleverness of Malcolm Tucker. If only I could be as witty as the writers of The Thick of It. Sadly, I’m too dim to be witty. But I do appreciate it.

Anyway, how’s your Wednesday? Making it through the week or dying for the weekend?

Lately, I’ve been half watching a show on Amazon (I say half because I work while it plays). It isn’t really that good. Why do I watch it? Honestly, for the music. I know, I know. I could just look up the pieces on my own (and I do after each episode). But I would miss things like this…

The Lion Cafe (Feel free to visit the link about the Lion Cafe, though it isn’t the official link)

Photo from Tokyo Times wordpress blog

In Tokyo, amidst the business and bustling of the city, sits a small restaurant made for music lovers. Seats face towards speakers that play a variety of classical music. Customers sit in silence, absorbing the music with little distraction. No talking other than perhaps a whisper now and again with the waiter. Otherwise, no talking, only music.

I’ve never actually been to the Lion Cafe, but I was given a glimpse during an episode of Mozart in the Jungle. What an amazing concept! This is something I’d love to try if ever I find myself in Tokyo. Just to relax and listen, eyes closed to any distractions. Sounds like bliss. Perfect to immerse in Beethoven’s Allegretto of Symphony No. 7, or perhaps Mozart’s Requiem. I’d be happy with anything from the Classical or Romantic periods.

I wonder if there are places like this in other parts of the world, or if the Lion Cafe is that unique.


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