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C is for Chortles At A Choir Concert: Nothing But Treble

In a previous post, I’d mentioned how…interesting…it was to supervisor the band, pianist, guitarists, and orchestra at my son’s school. I also noted that of those groups, the band members were the ones that were truly out of control. I’d made mention of this to my friend, who was in the band with me when we were in High School. She pointed out we were just as crazy. I don’t recall…










The band had finished their performance. But the concert wasn’t over. No, we had to endure the choir’s performance. In the back of the audience, the band members sat. Bored out of their gourds. No mp3s, no ipads, no smartphones. Not even a cassette walkman! Soooooo boooooooored.

There we sat, innocent as angels…with slightly bent halos. Whenever I sit next to this friend it really doesn’t take much to get us going. A slight comment or gesture and we find ourselves struggling to remain composed. During such an occasion (and there have been many), one said something to the other and that got it started: the giggling. But we can’t make noise in a performance! So we did our best to hold it in.

Have you ever tried to hold in a laugh? It starts as a slight tremor, gradually building. The body shakes, not just a little tremble, it’s like a violent earthquake, or better yet, a volcano ready to explode. And heaven help us if we exploded with laughter. So we did our best not to look at each other. The problem was our peripheral vision worked great. Seeing your friend shaking in silent laughter did nothing to help quell the merriment storm brewing within our own chest. And then she did the unwise…the unthinkable.

She showed me deep teeth impressions where she’d be biting her hand to remain silent. Wave after wave of silent giggles pushed up our throats. No amount of biting the lip would stop it the closer it reached the top. A hiss burst through the barrier. We were done for.

One glare and a jabbed of the finger, our band director pointed for us to leave. I think the idea was to compose ourselves and return as more mature teenagers.


We found a shopping cart.

5 comments on “C is for Chortles At A Choir Concert: Nothing But Treble

  1. Atherton
    April 3, 2018

    You… found a shopping cart? What did you do with it? I relate about the teenage giggles; I had friends who could set me off just like that. In fact, even today, though I am 36 and thus practically in my dotage, my friend who used to send me into hysterics still sends me into hysterics.
    Great post! Happy A-to-Zing!
    Melanie Atherton Allen


    • Elizabeth Los
      April 3, 2018

      I figured the shopping cart should be saved for another story. But yes, while banished to the outdoors, we found a shopping cart on the school campus.


  2. ichabod2014ic
    April 3, 2018

    One of my pro wrestling buddies got married a few years ago at a big church. A bunch more wrestlers were sitting in a row and I sat in the row in front of them. I was wearing a dark suit and wearing dark glasses. I looked like Agent Smith from ‘the Matrix’. There was a strict church lady standing at the back of the church, not far from us. I would give cutting commentary on ring-bearer and each pair of maids/grooms in honor over my shoulder that would crack up my pals. I sat there, hiding behind my serious facade while I continuously got them in trouble with the church lady. 🙂


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