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F is for Flipping Cat. No, I’m Not Swearing.

I’m not swearing, I promise. My cat actually flips when we pet him. He’s weird. Mental, really. For the record, I didn’t pick him. But that doesn’t matter because every animal I’ve ever had has had issues. I call this current feline #catfromhell. He hates to be petted. So going from cats that love and crave it to one that will practically rip your arm off takes some adjusting. I’ve watched the videos about cats that are hypersensitive. Recommendations to watch for cues when they are done with the attention. My cat is done before we even start.

-he attacks without provocation

-he likes playing rough

-he kneads on my blanket at night, on top of where my feet are

-he likes to curl up in your lap for warm, but so help you….you better not move

-he flips and flops when touched on the back or, specifically, his butt button (the top near his tail)

-he loves my daughter’s hairbands…there are literally hundreds of them throughout the house

-he selects a stuff animal “tribute” from one of the kids’ bedrooms to drag down to my office

-he tolerates the dog…barely

-he runs at cheetah speed through rooms at 8:30 every morning

-he wants love…but doesn’t

-he takes it as a challenge, and wigs out, if you look at him funny…or if you just look at him

-he doesn’t like Christmas…or at least the wrapping paper

Does anyone have a cat like that? Anyone? Here’s a short video of his “half” flipping. He’s more dramatic, but since I was recording him, he decided to take it down a notch. I edited out the part where he bit me. 😐

One comment on “F is for Flipping Cat. No, I’m Not Swearing.

  1. ichabod2014ic
    April 6, 2018

    That cat is going to get you!


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