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H is for Holy Cow! I Forgot!

Forgive me for falling behind on the A to Z challenge. I shall endeavor to catch up.

My friend had gone to a ranch with her family. No doubt, the purpose was to pick apples and pretend to be a farmer rather than a city dweller for a few hours. I’m not sure if farmers have had this problem…

She had picked up a few apples that had fallen on the ground and stuffed them in her hoodie pocket. Seeing a couple of horses nearby, she decided it would be kind to share the apples. She pulled out one from her hoodie and offered it to the gray horse. He happily munched on it while a curious brown horse approached. She reached again into her pocket and offered an apple to the new arrival. As she was stroking the neck of the brown horse, the gray horse finished up his apple and wanted more. Rather than bother her with a nudge or whinny request, he decided to look for one himself.

I imagine the eyesight of a horse isn’t perfect. And anything slightly round under cloth might be mistaken for an apple, even if it’s too high to be considered inside a pocket. And it might look more like 2-3 apples in a bunch, depending on cup size. Do horses like watermelons? heh   Anyway…the gray horse took a chance, a gamble really. Opening wide, he bit down on what he assumed was an apple.

It wasn’t an apple.

She yelped in pain and surprise. The gray horse backed away. It was all rather awkward.

“Whoa horse. This isn’t fifty shades of neigh and thems not apples!”


3 comments on “H is for Holy Cow! I Forgot!

  1. Covert Novelist
    April 12, 2018

    LMAO OMG that was hilarious! I SO loved it!!!!!!!!!


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  3. ichabod2014ic
    April 12, 2018

    Ouch! Excuse, me, Ma’am!!


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