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N is for Not That Hungry

If you have kids, you might have run into these…issues.

Kid: Mooooooom! I’m starving!

Me: I’ve got baby carrots, string cheese. Or you can have apple slices with peanut butter. How about a sandwich?

Kid: Eh. I’m not that hungry.


Kid: Moooooom! I’m starving! Can you get me breakfast?

Me: ::while cleaning the house, running the laundry and fixing the ice maker:: Bowls are in the cabinet. Spoons in the drawer. Cereal is in the pantry and the milk is in the fridge.

Kid: I’m not that hungry.


Let me give you some warning: Kids are master manipulators. What they hope for is that I’ll do it for them. Whether it gets them food because my motherly instinct (they hope) will kick in to ensure they don’t “starve” or when they fail to properly clean up something until it gets to the point of “Oh, just let me do it!”. Slowly, I’m learning of their ways and creating an effective defense against such strategies….like “no” or “you are more than capable of doing it yourself”.

This probably sounds horrible, but I’d rather not still be getting a bowl of cereal for my son when he’s in his 30s. So tough love it is!

4 comments on “N is for Not That Hungry

  1. scr4pl80
    April 16, 2018

    I can relate!

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  2. Erika
    April 16, 2018

    One son once specified that he didn’t want “any health in it” after asking for something to eat and hearing his options.

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  3. Jenny
    April 17, 2018

    I have two teenage boys–one at college, one at home–and I laughed out loud at the prospect of getting them cereal when they’re 30! I’d love to say I would never… 🙂


  4. Liz Brownlee
    April 19, 2018

    So agree! Mine used to make their own packed lunches – they could choose what they took among a limited healthy palate. One (son) became interested in cooking and produces the most wonderful dishes for himself each night, the other is a good cook.Son lives at home, he had to return for a while, but he cleans his own room, loads and unloads dishwasher, does all his own laundry and shopping and cooking and helps otherwise when he can… and was horrified at uni to see his flatmates all fall ill and being unable to look after themselves. One ate pasta with cheese and tomato sauce for every meal except breakfast which was thing he put in the toaster, another (girl) ate Tesco bags of chocolate, cheese, toast and pasta and NOT ONE VEGETABLE EVER. He cooked her a meal and she said she’d been to the loo for the first time in ages… What is it about parents now that makes them think that doing everything is helpful?


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