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Pedigree Is Overrated

We recently adopted a dog from the local animal shelter…

It all started while on a weekend trip. I thought it would be fun to just look at the dogs in the pet store. But noooooooo. The kids had to find the cutest Pomeranian, so wiggly and snuggly, with tons of kisses to share. They wanted $700 for him.

. . .

Yeah, I’m not paying $700 for a dog in a store, when I can pay less for a dog in a shelter that really needs a home. The Pomeranian? He’ll easily get a home. But a shelter dog? It’s hit or miss for them and it’s really heartbreaking to see the number there whose last memory might be of that “prison”. For our area, the shelter is inundated with Pit Bulls and Chihuahuas. I’m not a small dog person, so I’ll focus on the Pit Bulls. They get a bad rap and a lot of them in there are genuinely sweet. But I’m a big dog kinda person.

You might say, Well, Pit Bulls are big dogs.

No, no. I mean big dogs.

We lucked out and found a gentle giant. Sweet! He was so out of it the first day from neutering, that I misjudged his age. Once the anesthesia left his system, we quickly learned that he’s still a puppy, prancing about and chewing on nearly everything. Our last gentle giant was Duke, a 9-year-old St Bernard. And he was awesome…well, if you didn’t mind the drool. So this new addition is his own kind of awesome. A brick wall that demands love and attention from time to time. When I say “brick wall” I mean he literally stands in front of you, leans on you, and with his weight and stature makes it difficult to pass by and ignore him…at all.

While we don’t know his actual pedigree, we really don’t care. He probably is a mix, like our Black Lab, but it’s a good mix.

And that’s why I say pedigree is overrated. I’m not interested in a purebred dog. If I focused so much on that, I would have missed so many opportunities on the other dogs I used to have: Angel, Rex, Candy, Sheba, Rascal, etc.. All of them were mixes of something or other. And each one was rescued.

If you have the room and the patience (you’ll need it), adopt a shelter animal. I’ve adopted many animals from the local shelter (dogs and cats). And while I’ve had to suffer through rude behavior from the staff, in the end, the dog was worth it. So jump through the ridiculous hoops and conflicting information. Be persistent! The reward is a two-way street. The pup gets a home and you gain probably the only animal that will ever love you unconditionally (don’t count on that from a cat, lol). And that love is priceless after a really bad day.


No, I didn’t actually want to watch TV. Thanks for asking. :\


2 comments on “Pedigree Is Overrated

  1. Ichabod Temperance
    May 15, 2018



  2. isaiah46ministries
    May 15, 2018

    I agree. Our dog, Bailey, came from a shelter and he was the best.


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