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Like The Tell-Tale Heart

The names have been removed to protect the innocent. Pfft.

The ceiling fan in my office needs to be dealt with and swiftly. It’s started “ticking”.

The last time a fan did that in my house, my husband took it apart. With pieces strewn all over the bed and floor, we both stared up at the remaining stump of the fan wondering “what now”. It was time to call in for some help. I guess I could have done it myself, the install that is, but at the time I didn’t have the confidence, the time, nor the patience. So help arrived. And he laughed and laughed. I guess in his opinion, it’s best to take it down from the ceiling first before trying to tech support the problem. And with the thorough job that was done to taking it apart piece by piece, we had to officially label it broken, remove the remaining hanging stump and get a new fan. So we did. And it’s been a wonderful addition to the family. 🙂

But now another fan has started.

And, like the narrator from Poe’s Tell-Tale Heart, my husband has heard the call. Give it time before insanity sets in. A week, tops. 🙂


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