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Craving Justice

Sometimes I wonder why particular shows are so popular, but then it struck me as I was watching the second season of Doctor Foster on Netflix. Having watched (and gone along) with what Gemma experienced with her husband who was caught in multiple lies, putting their family in financial risk, as well as cheating on her for two years. The hurt she went through, on top of the abuse from Simon, as an audience member, I found myself satisfied with the ending of season 1.

But season 2 focuses on the ill effects of a rough divorce not only on the couple but also on their son and friends around them. Simon is good at pushing Gemma’s buttons and riling her up. And his smug look makes the viewer want to hate the guy. And this is Jonathan Strange! Yet I find myself wondering whether or not Simon truly is a villain. I mean, he is a jerk, a liar and he did cheat on his wife. But is he truly evil and out to get his ex-wife? Initially, I’d answer yes. But isn’t that typical thinking after a divorce? I mean, I don’t particularly care for a close individual’s ex. He’s shown his true colors more than once. But is he a villain? Or is he merely selfish and failing to think of others? He is the child of divorce, so he’s gone through it, both sides. And while I’d like to be more understanding, I simply don’t trust him. That’s where I’m at with Simon Foster. 

I fear I’ll be greatly disappointed with the finale because as the episodes go on, Simon seems to achieve the upper hand each and every time while Gemma seems to unravel. When she attempts to strike back, her desperation at wanting revenge may end up being her downfall. She risks losing everything precious to her: medical practice, home, and son. I find myself saying, “Don’t do it”, “Stop” or “Bad idea!”.

Why bother with this show? I think it’s to satisfy that craving for justice, in a world where justice is often twisted or nonexistent. Simon did get his due in season 1, but not as far as Gemma is concerned. He seems to have moved on and is doing quite well for himself, which is irritating because he should be hurting like she still is, right? What crosses the line is when he takes her son to live with him. That’s hitting below the belt. And that’s where I find myself wondering: what is his end game? Surely he’s scheming, right?!


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