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When Multitasking Is a Bad Thing

I haaaaate waste. Whether it’s food, time or money, I really cannot handle when something is wasted. It really gets under my skin and it takes time, a lot of deep breathing and prayers until that stress and angst are lifted from my shoulders.

Such is the case for this week. I have a huge list of things I want to do before family visits. Plus, there are things that I’ve just put off and really need to finish. In the middle of all of that, my kids want to enjoy their summer and spend time with friends. So play dates and sleepovers are pushed and pleas needle me daily. Monday was when it happened. I had to drop off one kid while inviting two over to play. One had to go to gymnastics, the rest of us to a birthday party, then back to pick up the one after gym, followed by more playing and a sleepover. In between all of this, I decided to make dinner. I grilled a nice salmon fillet.


And I forgot to turn off the grill. So while having dessert at the birthday celebration, I suddenly remembered. Great. Can’t do anything about it right now. I placed a reminder on my calendar. When we got home, I almost forgot again because…well…sleepover stuff and crazy kids. But my phone dinged and I was reminded! Except it was dark, and I ended up leaving one burner still on.


Have I mentioned I hate waste?

I didn’t notice my mistake until the next day. And now? I will quite literally be paying for it as the bill is higher than typical for the given month.

So while I am capable of multitasking, sometimes I require notes and calendar reminders because my brain is like a huge mess of tangled wires and I’d be lucky to remember to breath.

Have you done that or is it just me?


6 comments on “When Multitasking Is a Bad Thing

  1. Mws R
    June 13, 2018

    I am just like that, I make lists and mark stuff on my wall calendars to remind me. My brain has so much going on , all the time. Maybe that is why I do not pre-think of a poem when I write I just write and it flows out.

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    • Elizabeth Los
      June 14, 2018

      Ugh. Lists. I used to hate them as a child. My mom would give me one every Saturday during school days and one every day during summer. But now…yeah, I’m doing the list thing.


      • Mws R
        June 14, 2018

        Things in our life come back around, don’t they?


  2. scr4pl80
    June 13, 2018

    I’ve started using the clock on my phone much more frequently, setting alarms to remind me of things. You are not alone 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Elizabeth Los
      June 14, 2018

      I’ve had to start using the alarm on my phone. The calendar didn’t seem to grab my attention enough. Glad I’m not alone!

      Liked by 1 person

      • scr4pl80
        June 14, 2018

        I use paper planners so for sure I need alarms to remember things!


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